10 Golden Rules of E-mail Etiquette

I am completely exhausted with emails. My friend, it is time for you to lend me a hand and review the "10 Golden Rules of E-mail Etiquette" BEFORE YOU HIT SEND:

  1. If your email is a forward, or
  2. If you didn't physically write the email, or
  3. If your email (or your thought) start with "just thought you might be interested", or
  4. If your email has a link to the greatest web page you've ever seen, or
  5. If your email is TO or CC most people in your address book, or
  6. If your email is "funny", "cute", "incredible", a "public announcement", or
  7. If you wanted to let me know may have won a prize, or
  8. If you notice that my replies to you are brief or non-existent, or
  9. If you just want to say hi, or
  10. If you believe there is even a fraction of a chance that I won't read it

I don't want it.
I won't read it.
I'm not laughing.
I will delete it immediately.

If I sent you to this page by email, it is probably because you aren't familiar with the 10 Golden Rules of E-Mail Etiquette. Please familiarize yourself with them, or your lack of consideration will result in me banning your email permanently.


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