Slow Internet Browsing Connection with utorrent

The issue: utorrent is slowing down your web browsing to a crawl

Common WRONG Solutions:
1) Buy a faster connection
- No, my 6MBit connection is plenty for me
2) Buy a better router
- No, my $100 Buffalo router is top of the line
3) Check all your advanced settings in utorrent
- ARGH one by one, thats alot of work!
4) Your computer is too slow
- No, it isnt

Let me quickly elaborate on the problem.

  1. I have a fast connection
  2. I have a fast router
  3. I have a fast computer
  4. When utorrent is running, my internet slows to a dismal 10kb/s
I have seen quite a few posts on utorrent regarding the connection speed. It is frustrating to read these as many mis-diagnose the issue and place blame in the wrong areas.


Slow your upload speed. Simple as that. If you are on cable, then you are probably capped at around 50kb/s. Try limiting to 20kb/s... or in my case, even 5kb/s for unhindered browsing speed.

This small change should have a dramatic impact on your connection speed. Hope it helps!


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