Virtuemart Shopping Cart {form_addtocart}

it is my understanding that the different elements of the product details and browse pages all reference the shop.browse.php file with their smarty template references

for example, if you edit the file:

you will see the code {form_addtocart}

this is the code that inserts the add to cart button along with a quantity selector. but suppose you want to change the look, or remove the quantity attribute, or another change... where do you go?

it is all in

the {form_addtocart} code starts around line 400

quick tip: search for $form_addtocart and you will find info for {form_addtocart} quickly. this is the same for other variables


Zsolt said...

hi, any idea how to remove the quantity selector

Zsolt said...

found it: products / display otpions

Anonymous said...

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jerry said...

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